Talented NFTs (tNFT)
Bring your NFTs to the matrix using tNFT coded by Metaegg. A Personality NFT enables you to power your NFT with talents, turning it into a talented NFT (tNFT). Once your NFT is fused with talent, you
โ€œWeโ€™re creating a matrix of talents in which any normal human being can fuse talents on its avatar to become a talented human being, considering that now weโ€™re in a unique position where tNFTs can work to produce new tNFTs, and I think that poses very interesting questions to both the art world, and the idea of ownership,โ€ said Ravikash Gupta, the mind behind the Metaegg.
Dance TNFT
Catwalk TNFT

What is a tNFT?

A tNFT is a talented NFT that is embedded with a special kind of talent. The tNFT is not only perceivably intelligent but has both interactive and animation capabilities as carefully crafted prompts are stored at the smart contract layer. The hardcoded prompts call upon a state-of-the-art Transformer Language model to facilitate generative possibilities only possible through recent breakthroughs in few-shot and single-shot learning.

Characteristics of Talented NFTs (tNFTs)

  • Embedded Talent: A pre-coded embedded talent as part of its immutable architecture creates generative possibilities in interactive activities.
  • Talented: Accrues knowledge and Unlocks new forms of Intelligence available to the owner, creator, and eventually, the network.
  • Permissionless: universally usable and censorship-resistant.
  • Metaverse Agnostic: open and available to the internet and integrative with multiple platforms.
  • Valuable and fractionable: accrues value that is accessible to the owner and creator and its communities through fractional ownership.
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What is a tNFT?