Core Team
Our team is comprised of software engineers, machine learning and computer vision experts, 3D artists, VR + AR enthusiasts, content creators, seasoned operations and marketing professionals.
Ravikash Gupta Linkedin
Since those early days, Ravi has worked on many start-up projects and also co-founded a decentralized crypto web3.0 project. Now as Co-Founder of Metaegg, his days are spent writing and reviewing code, making sure the team is positioned to produce good code by hiring the right people and giving those people the tools they need, and strategizing with the rest of the team about what innovative new code we ought to be writing.
Reynolds Jordan Twitter
Being the Director of Metaverse & Game Design, Reynolds is responsible for bringing together the vision of the company and the production pipeline. “I need to serve as a hub between all departments and have full visibility of all steps of the creative process up until and after the release.” A designer is a jack of all trades by nature, which is the perfect fit for Reynolds who has proven to be incredibly multi-talented. Throughout his time at Metaegg, the question that he seems to be asked most often by team members is: “Is there anything you can’t do, Reynolds?”.
Raed Arrar Linkedin
Visionary " Strategic Investor " Conceptual Thinker and Serial Entrepreneur. Worked with startups in the past. 30+ years of International Business Development and Venture Capital experience. He usually enhances the CEO’s vision, experience, and knowledge base. His passion revolves around blockchain and metaverse where can regularly be found testing new strategies. A sincere amount of time is spent thinking about interesting ideas with boundless possibilities. As a visionary, His creative potential is unbounded. Absolute maximalist who intends to go beyond, constantly searching for new opportunities with unique attention to details. Willing to approach tasks in a holistic way. Always on the hunt for new innovations and digital solutions to explore, continuously improving companies’ and teams’ ability to deliver value. His main focus is building partnerships with a singular vision.
- Hold a granted USA patent
- Managed startups in South America with over 700 employees.
-Strategic Investor in top Metaverse projects
Philip Borror Twitter
During my 8 years of game development career, I tried both the art and the technical side of the industry. I've been streamlining processes, investigating problems, and creating prototypes for the production teams. The passion that always drove me was to make artists' lives easier and provide the instruments to implement their great ideas.
Marjorie Contreras Twitter
Marjorie designed the cloud optimization pipelines for applications. Hir background ranges from computer technology, intellectual property, IoT, and machine learning implementations in roles from the developer to VPT & Co-founder.
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